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ZIM4x4's overriding mission is to share these places with you, to give you an enjoyable and informative experience, and to promote a conservation ethic that recognizes the values of nature, wilderness and wildlife, and so contributes to their conservation for future generations.

Our tours are nature-based, wilderness-oriented, and environmentally sensitive. Although we like to provide an interesting driving experience, our main focus is on the natural features of the routes we take and the destinations we offer, and we aim to make our tours informative and instructive as well as enjoyable. We do this by describing our surroundings and their features to you by inter-vehicle radio, by providing specially-written route and area briefings, and informally around the campfire.

Please note - our safaris are 'participatory', designed for the kind of people who enjoy taking part and mucking in, instead of having everything done for them. We all take turns with the dinner-duties, pitch our own tents, and participate in other essential camping activities. Depending on itinerary, we may have to construct 'bush showers' and other facilities at remote, basic camps. We may need to dig out or retrieve vehicles if you want to travel on some of our routes. In short, ZIM4x4 guided safaris are not for the faint-hearted or pampered, but for those with adventurous spirits who enjoy the 'doing' as much as the 'seeing'.

We limit the size of our tour groups, for two reasons. One is to enable us to provide a genuinely personalised service to all our tour participants. The other is to keep disturbance to a minimum in the wilderness areas we visit. We recommend 4wd and low-range capability, as we may encounter sand, river crossings and other hazards as we go, but we do not deliberately set out to provide '4x4 challenges'. We use vehicles for their designed purpose: to reach remote and beautiful places by interesting and attractive routes.

Good tour planning is critical. The occasional long day at the wheel, over bad roads, may be unavoidable; but by and large we prefer to keep the driving legs reasonably short, and to allow plenty of time for exploration, enjoyment and relaxation at our destinations. You need at least three days in places like Mana Pools, for example, to get the best out of them - and preferably more!

Nor do we confine ourselves solely to driving. In some cases - Lake Kariba and the Matusadona shoreline are cases in point - we may suggest leaving the vehicles parked for a few days, and using boats instead.

Overall, we expect our clients to act in a manner that shows 4x4 owners and drivers to be responsible, conservation-oriented and mindful of the needs of other road, wilderness and accommodation users. We have a strict Code of Conduct, and we adhere to the Wilderness Code that Sally developed in collaboration with South Africa's Wilderness Action Group.

Our own special world lies in Zimbabwe, and is centred on Lake Kariba, the Zambezi Valley and their surroundings (see our map page). This is where Sally and I have worked and travelled for many years. It embraces some of Africa's finest wilderness and wildlife areas, with magnificent scenery, and unparalleled opportunities for both adventure and relaxation in remote and unspoilt surroundings. Rather than spread ourselves countrywide, we prefer to focus on the places we love and know intimately, to guide you from personal knowledge, and thus to give you a truly in-depth experience.
WildIdeas (Pvt) Ltd t/a ZIM4X4