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Also on our EASTERN VALLEY route, we can take you to a place where, 200million years ago, dinosaurs roamed where elephants roam today. One of Africa's finest dinosaur 'trackways' - the footprints of huge carnivorous reptiles in the mud of an ancient lake bed - lies in the heart of the Eastern Valley forests. Let your imagination run riot - picture the ancient lake, surrounded by primitive conifers, and populated by these extraordinary animals - and, perhaps, be thankful they aren't there today!
The Mavuradonha Wilderness lies on one of our EASTERN VALLEY routes to destinations such as Mana Pools. These routes take you there by the 'road less travelled', through the Zambezi Escarpment and into some of the most remote and wild parts of Zimbabwe, until we finally arrive at the Zambezi River.
On LAKE KARIBA, we can take you by sailboat or small houseboat to places you never even dreamed of - tiny bays and inlets, inaccessible by road, spectacularly lovely, and teeming with birdlife and wildlife. We can leave our vehicles in secure parking and take you to the awesome Sanyati Gorge, the Kuburi Wilderness area, or the Matusadona shoreline itself - the choice is yours. See also our Best of Both Worlds tour.
The remote and hauntingly lovely CHIZARIRA NATIONAL PARK, with scenery ranging from sheer gorges cut through the Zambezi escarpment to the Acacia floodplains of the Busi River. Wildlife isn't always easy to find, but this is a park for the true connoisseur of wilderness, with isolated and basic bush camps situated beside springs, seeps and seasonal rivers.
The MATUSADONA NATIONAL PARK - less well-known, less visited, but equally beautiful, and full of interesting features such as the Zambezi region's only surviving black rhino population, a reintroduced and growing population of cheetah, and the incredibly lovely Kariba shoreline.
The world-famous MANA POOLS NATIONAL PARK, renowned for its magnificent scenery, spectacular wildlife, and abundant variety of habitats ranging from park-like Acacia and mahogany woodlands to mopane forests, riverine floodplains, and of course the great Zambezi River itself. Mana Pools is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve.
Our map page will give you an overview of our main operating area. Within this area, which contains some of the finest wilderness and wildlife areas in Africa, our main focus is on -
Sally and I also have several other important specialisations and skills that we can share with you on our tours -
We are licensed to operate both sailboats and powered craft on Lake Kariba, and have many years of experience in this regard. We'll teach you to sail in an afternoon, then sail with you to the Matusadona or elsewhere. Alternatively, we can offer you a 'hosted houseboat' option, during which we'll spend time with you on the Matusadona shoreline as part of your ZIM4x4 tour. See also our Best of Both Worlds tour.

Angling is another ZIM4x4 specialisation. There's excellent tiger and bream fishing on the Zambezi and on Lake Kariba, Bottlenose, vundu, Cornish jack, chesa, nkupe, catfish and several other species are also present. We also have several 'favoured destinations' for anglers, such as Chewore Campsite on the Zambezi and Gache Gache Lodge on Lake Kariba, and can also take a fishing boat with us on your safari. Please note - we have a 'catch and release' policy, except for immediate consumption.

We are keen and knowledgeable wildlife and wilderness photographers, and you can see some examples of our work on our photo album. During our tours we go to great lengths to provide opportunities for the experienced, and can also hold impromptu 'seminars' on camera and editing techniques for the less experienced. Equipment helps, but it's developing the 'eye' that counts!

WildIdeas (Pvt) Ltd t/a ZIM4X4

Your first step is to email us or telephone us on +263-772-324224 with some basic information so that we can start planning your guided Zambezi Valley and Lake Kariba tour.

Let us know: -

When you'd like to come.

How much time you have available.

How many people are likely to be in your group.

Some information on your vehicles (or whether you'd like to 'fly in' and use ours).

Your main interests (wildlife, being 'in the wild', photography, birding, fishing, others).

Places within our operating area you'd particularly like to visit.

We'll work with you to structure and price an enjoyable safari that will satisfy your needs, including the places you'd like to visit, the things you'd like to do, and make suggestions about the most interesting and appropriate routes we should use. This planning process is of course free of charge and incurs no obligation on your part.

Remember that we have a maximum group size of three vehicles and ten people. This enables us to provde a genuinely personalised service to all our safari participants.

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