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Zimbabwe has an active 4x4 club that organises a range of activities including meetings, family-oriented outings, jamborees and challenges. ZIM4x4 will be glad to arrange introductions for visiting 4x4 enthusiasts to club committee and other members.
We also have access to a wide range of botanical, zoological, ornithological, geological and other expertise, and can arrange specialised safaris or safari sectors subject to availability.
Dick and Sally Pitman are both experienced sailors, and Dick holds a Zimbabwean Class 1 skipper's ticket. For those planning a stopover in Harare, we can arrange overnight camping at Jacana Yacht Club and day sailing on Lake Chivero. We can also organise more extended cruising on Lake Kariba, to places such as the Matusadona National Park, in well-equipped 31ft Wharram catamarans - see our Best of Both Worlds safaris.
Canoeing the Zambezi is one of life's great experiences. ZIM4x4 can offer three- or five-day canoe safaris in collaboration with specialised canoeing companies as an adjunct to many of our accompanied tours.You will be transported back to your start point, where your vehicles will be secured under supervision.
There is some excellent fishing on the Zambezi River at places like Kanyemba, Mana Pools, Chewore and Chirundu, and on Lake Kariba, especially for the world-famous fighting tigerfish. Many will already know of the Kariba Tiger Fishing Tournament, which takes place in October each year and attracts teams from South Africa and elsewhere. Dick Pitman, one of ZIM4x4's tour leaders, is an experienced tigerfish angler and can advise on suitable tackle and techniques. We can also make bookings at specialised fishing camps and arrange angling trips on request, through our links with African Fisherman magazine. Best times of year: September to April, especially for tigerfish, but many species can be caught throughout the year
Wildlife, wilderness and scenic photography is one of our main specializations. We understand the needs of both basic and more experienced photographers, keep a constant eye out for great picture opportunities, and can give guidance on both film and digital camera techniques and editing. Visit Dick Pitman's photo website to see some of our own work. Remember that the Zambezi Valley can be unkind to sensitive digital camera and electronic equipment. Adequate protection against dust, moisture and shocks are important. A compact but sturdy tripod is useful; failing that, a monopod, shoulder pod or rice bag can help. Bring plenty of battery power, and adequate image storage. Good opportunities are available throughout the year; scenery and backdrops are best during or shortly after the end of the rains, with large mammal concentrations increasing during the dry season. And don't worry if you do not have the latest equipment and accessories - some of the finest photos are taken with simple cameras. It's the eye behind the camera that counts, not the cost of the gear!



















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